Dockage and Pick: General Description

Dockage is anything foreign that is removed from the beans through a screening process. Some items can only be partly removed through screening, such as weed seed, corn, soybeans or other crop types. Severe bean staining from weeds or green material can cause a load to be refused, and quality will be reduced if there is dirt on the beans. Other items that can cause a load to be rejected include metal and glass.

It is critical that bean deliveries are free of soybeans, corn or other bean classes. Soybeans or corn in a sample can result in the rejection of a load because it will be assumed they are genetically modified, which is not tolerated by some importing countries. Allergens such as wheat and soybean can also be a concern, and processing may not be able to remove all contaminants. Before harvesting, clean the combine of any residual seed from previously harvested crops.

Pick refers to the percentage by weight of defective beans, including cracked seed coats and discoloured and misshapen beans that remain after dockage is removed. The dollar charge for pick is double; equal to the weight loss from picked beans plus the cost of removal.

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