Dry Edible Bean Insects and Pests

Common insect pests for dry edible beans in Ontario include wireworms, seedcorn maggot, potato leafhopper, bean leaf beetle, Japanese beetle, Mexican bean beetle, Western bean cutworm, European corn borer, tarnished plant bug and stink bugs.

Refer to articles on this website or Insects and Pests of Field Crops in OMAFRA Publication 811, Agronomy Guide for Field Crops, for individual descriptions of insects and pests, as well as scouting and management strategies.

Recommended treatments to control insects, pests and diseases can be found in OMAFRA Publication 812, Field Crop Protection Guide.

See the table below for hints on what insects and pests could be causing symptoms in the field.

Symptom Insect or Pest
Gaps in the stand: tunnelling into cotyledon, embryo or hypocotyl Wireworms, seedcorn maggot, slugs (slime trail visible)
Holes in leaves look ragged (similar to hail damage) Slugs
Holes in leaves are round Bean leaf beetle
Leaves have been skeletonized Mexican bean beetle
Margins of leaves yellow or appear scorched, leaves puckered Potato leafhopper
Flower blasting or young pod drop Tarnished plant bug
Pods have holes or scars on the surface Bean leaf beetle
Pods have entry holes, seeds in the pod have holes Western bean cutworm
Hard dark spots on pods and seeds, seeds have picks or dimples Tarnished plant bug


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